Wednesday, January 12, 2011

this house

I've been running past this house for years
it never really stood out from the other houses in the neighborhood

until recently..

I've become obsessed with it
all the windows on the top floors are boarded up
I don't think anyone lives in it
it's huge and haunting

I don't know why, I'm drawn to this place
I make special treks to it
I'm making more and more excuses to go by it
it's such an incredible house

I walked in the melting snow at 3 o'clock in the morning
just to take photos before the snow disappeared

I am obsessed with it

fuck! I love this house!


sara of the hinterland said...

in these pictures it looks like the house has little beady eyes that are watching you! i can't unsee it!


starheadboy said...

I thought the same thing. This house just needs some TLC in the form of a huge hug.
those beady eyes will warm up