Thursday, November 25, 2010

please, give me a sign

you are inside the CD player in my car
you've been laying in there for 3 or 4 days now..
all through the snowstorm

are you okay?
do you need help?
or is this another one of your jokes

little Built to Spill
"There's Nothing Wrong with Love" CD
... please!! give me a sign

you won't come out
you won't play

I'm worried about you
I love listening to you

I could listen to you all day
and never get bored

the CD player keeps flashing "IN"
over and over
I know you're in there...
if you want to stay in there, that's cool
but, could you play?

I don't want to pressure you
you got to follow your heart
do what you got to do

I hope it isn't over
I feel like we didn't have enough time together

is it because I was listening to other CDs?

can we still be friends?

(sorry for the crappy drawing of you,
looks more like a donut.. than a CD.
It's pretty obvious that I can't draw CDs)

Newport the fruit fly

you love to hover around my kitchen sink
day and night
you keep really weird hours
but, always so reliable

you are a really good friend
I feel like you really listen to me

Newport, you are the kind of fruit fly
that all the women fruit flies want
and all the men fruit flies wish they were.

thanks for keeping it real
if you were bigger, I'd give you a hug

that big chunk of banana
I put in the sink is all you baby!
Happy Thanksgiving Newport!

Dear UPS

you know that MP3 player that you attempted
to deliver a week and a half ago now..
and haven't made an attempt since.

go ahead and keep it
I don't want it anymore

you're supposed to attempt 3 times...
well not this time
one time is all I got.
thanks a lot

you guys have had your grubby paws
all over that MP3 player for 12 days now.
fuck it!
I don't want that thing anymore
it's not worth the headache

I already bought another one that
wasn't compatible with the software I have..
I'm sure for one reason or another
.. the one that you're holding hostage
wouldn't be compatible either, waste of time..
that's been my luck lately with electronics

but, as far as you guys never delivering it
you can fuck the fuck off
you fucking fucks!

the next time I get a package that needs
to get delivered to you, you UPS bastards
I'm keeping it

an eye for an eye baby!!!

you started a delivery war!!
I love it! started it, I'm gonna finish it!

(I don't have the means to deliver to you,
but who cares? that's beside the point...
I'm keeping any packages addressed to UPS
from now on.. you started this war)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We are made of stars

finally done

kid friendly

full preview here

R.I.P. little camera

thanks a lot for dying today little camera..
my heart really needed that.

I have to mourn the loses of all these electronics
because everything is built so shitty right now.

my last camera lasted me 4 years..
and is still working despite numerous falls...
(that camera is in the loving embrace of
my friend far as I know it still works)

this little guy lasted one single year... awesome.. thanks

shit, I gotta do what I gotta do and give you
a proper burial at sea

thanks again for all the heartache little camera
I really loved you
I know you are in a better place now

(pictures courtesy of my new camera)

goddammnit!! electronics will break your heart

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hard to find

trying to figure it out

overwhelming manic/depression

I love these towers so much
I've always seen them as a beacon in the night


silent falling snow

a four day intense bender of imbalance... wow..
irrational, bright... severe up and down
out of my fucking mind

as much as I love the light
I can't deny the darkness
I'm thankful for all of it

I asked for it
I wanted things to be interesting all the time
..and I got it

I feel like I came out stronger than going in..
I have new things to watch out for
new growth and new chapters
it's all part of the gorgeous journey

Monday, November 22, 2010

fill this out

live paint at High Dive in Fremont

such an incredible night
after a three day bender of intense bipolar episodes

painting with incredible friends
fueled on 7-11 exclusive blend black coffee

painted to the music of Wes sp8
I love those guys! so good, so fun
I haven't had this much fun in awhile

painted with Xavier Lopez Jr.,
Ryan "Henry" Ward, and
Andrew Miller

Sunday, November 21, 2010

mystery show

these paintings went up in Wallingford today.
they are in a bakery, the owner is a super nice guy.

I have no idea what the name of the place is,
I don't know... good times!

it's all a mystery

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

junior-sized long-toothed giggly lungfish

A rash of complaints have been received at
Humane Societies all around the world.

The junior-sized long-toothed giggly lungfish
(a recently domesticated animal that has been
so popular that pet stores cannot keep them
on shelves) appears to be a natural semi-enemy
to the burrito unicorn.

It seem that a burrito unicorn's tail is a delicacy
to these strange new animals. The two animals
seem to live in harmony, after the burrito unicorn's
tail is bitten off.

Buyer beware, if you have both of these animals
and your burrito unicorn still has it's tail...
you will need to invest in a "tail muzzle"
or the giggly lungfish will eat it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

thank god beer is way more user friendly than a fucking Ipod shuffle 4th generation

a big "thank you" goes out to Apple for helping me
waste 3 hours of fucking time today trying to get your fucking
shit to work right and failing all over the place... I love it!

my awesome little silver Ipod shuffle died today
in the middle of a four mile run.. good times!

then, it all went uphill from there.

I tried to go to the Mac store or Apple store or
whatever the fuck it's called.. in University Village
what a complete waste of time
no parking within an 80 mile radius of that place
fuck University Village.. that place is complete HELL
I wanted to kill myself just to get the fuck out of there

I gave up and got out of there at 2 miles an hour,
that's about as fast as you can go anywhere around
that area.

I ended up buying a new Ipod shuffle at
Fred Meyer in Ballard.
I get home, plug it in
it says it needs "Itunes 10"
I tried for hours to update all the shit on my computer
no luck

Awezome!! thanks Apple!
I just need this fucking Ipod as an MP3 player
I don't need it to talk to me
I don't need it to shoot lasers
I don't even need Itunes at this point..
I'd love to just put a fucking CD in my computer
and put it right on that Ipod...

but, that's not possible
it would be way too easy

I troubleshooted it online.. it looks like
if I was to take this situation any further
I would have to spend $250 to upgrade my


this brings me to why your fucking Ipod is shit
compared to a beer.

instead of destroying my apartment and everything
around me out of frustration... I decided to walk up
to my friendly neighborhood 7-11 and grab some

beer doesn't need a goddamn upgrade... EVER!!
no stupid updates right and left

crack one open and drink
no bullshit

PBR in
Apple out

(I'm drinking down some of these delicious PBR's
and watching "doom asylum" on Hulu... it's a horror
movie with some incredibly bad acting..
this is going to save my whole night)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

...oh little hubcap

in the middle of the road.. in the rain, in the dark

you sat there all night.

you got hit by every car that came down the road
and you came through by making that hilarious, loud,
scraping sound..

the "oh shit!! what was that?!! it sounds like I hit something
and did some serious damage to my car, but it's raining
and I don't want to stop and check it out" sound.

all night!! YEAH!! you went for it!
such great entertainment on a rainy Tuesday night.

this morning, I saw you propped against a fire hydrant.
someone finally got you out of the road.

fun times!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

spanking brand new extra hour in the day, YEAH!!

post daylight savings life and times.. drawing and stuff like that

time is an illusion

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

super secret Narboo/Starheadboy mural (sketches)

a two story mural going up on Capitol Hill
in a super secret location

tomorrow the first paint gets put down, good times!

.. details soon

Sergio, Romi, and a blessing of burrito unicorns

good times!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

more burrito unicorn action from Didi

I love it!!

(photos property of Photocoyote)