Thursday, July 30, 2009

wassup adorable ass duck

this was our buddy for about 45 minutes today, he fucking ruled!!

Narboo and I were chilling on the dock at the end of the day, drawing pictures. This crazy little duck kept swimming super close to us and jumping around on the dock, sneaking up on us.. he was out of control.

His quack was awezome, he had this really soft, quiet quack. I've never heard a duck quack like that.
Besides the fact that he stole my wallet and put some unauthorized charges on my ATM card, I really liked that little web footed guy.

swim and be free!

Green Lake Good Times Session 2009

I met up with Narboo, Steve, and Shawn to skate around Green Lake today.. good times!

Shawn's long board shape design, artwork by Narboo

I don't skate a long board, I gots a regular skateboard.. I just have to push a lot more to keep up.

We chilled on a dock for a bit and did some swimming

We ran into a dude that was diving for his Christmas gifts this year, he found 5 pairs of sunglasses while we were there. I saw armies of mallards bobbing around on the waves. We skated Greenwood skatepark for a minute, the heat put an end to that.. no one else was there. I watched a bunch of people in tandem kayaks.

I don't understand tandem kayaks, the ones with more than one person in them. You HAVE to go where the other person or other people go, you are stuck in the same damn ass boat.

tandem kayak= siamese twin kayak

I would much rather be solo in a kayak, I want to be free. It's crazy, if one person wants to check out that duck over there and the other wants to go check out the island over there.. they can't. Solo kayak is the way to go, if I want to go check out that island and you don't want to, it's fine because we aren't attached at the hip.
I'm sure some people love tandem kayaks, that's cool.. everyone likes there own thing. I just don't get it.

103 degrees in the Seattle area

I saw tons of heat zombies yesterday, people pacing back and forth and walking in mindless circles.

It was fun as hell!

lots of people out there getting their sweat glands pushed to THEE absolute limit.

I walked down to Madison Lake with my buddy Derek. We spotted a hotel that hangs over the water, I'm convinced the hotel is definitely haunted.. at the very least, the spooky underside of the hotel is haunted. We drank a couple of beers to get some medium courage going, then went for a swim. With a mouthful of salted sunflower seeds in my mouth, we made our way to the murky, mysterious waters under the hotel. We got to the brink of the hotel, the waters became dark.. choppy.. and then a very creepy coldness swept in. I was scared and said I didn't know if I could do it, seaweed was lapping at my feet and legs.. most likely it was haunted seaweed from shipwrecks long ago.

We finally barged it, swam underneath, defying possession by the restless spirits that call the waters home. We made it the the other side.. to a secluded tropical beach, it was amazing. I swam to the beach.. eyeballed the extended cement fenced balcony that surrounds the hotel. I climbed the cement wall, I saw a sign "violators will be prosecuted"... I jumped it along with a feeble chain barrier-thing meant to keep people out. I ran down the patio to the deeper water end, climbed the cement fence thing and jumped off into the haunted waters below.

We high-tailed it out of there, back under the hotel's deep, black waters. Back to the other side... FREEDOM!!!
Here is the scorecard

Ghosts- 0
Haunted Hotel- 0
Us- 1


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

spiders= creeps (the simple math)

The equation says it all, this heat has created gigantic, mutated, possibly radioactive spiders... and they love to sprint. These creeps have been running all over my apartment, all of them have developed very toned calf muscles from all this excess exercise. It's madness. I give up, they can have free reign for awhile.. I don't think I'd stand much of a chance if I took them all on anyway.

It's bullshit though, spiders get whatever they want.
They get 6 more legs than us, 6 more eyes than us.. now, they want our apartments too.
C'mon spiders.. we can co-exist.

increase the peace

Vera Project show set up 3

August 2009


Vera Project show set up 2

Our three styles mixed perfectly for this show, it looks AWEZOME!


Darin Shuler

Darin Shuler

Thanks so much to Maude for helping us out and coordinating it.
Also, Thanks Trina May Smith!! She's the one that got us in the space. good times!

Vera Project set up

Darin Shuler, Narboo and I set up the show for August 2009 at Vera Project today.
Good times!

I was a little out of it, due to staying up late battling the new, huge spiders that have taken over my apartment.
One week of 80 degree weather blows those cute little arachnids into behemoths.

spiders= creeps

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

death with dignity

my plea to the community of moths that choose death with dignity on the walls of my apartment


It's the same routine every night and it's getting old fast.
here's the sequence of events

step one:
random moth flies in through window

step two:
moth flies and bumps it's head into the light for about a half an hour

step three:
moth gets tired of that and lands on a wall

step four:
moth stays on the wall

step five:
moth still chilling on the wall hours later... days later

step six:
moth dies on the wall

step seven:
I have to go out and buy a moth-sized casket and give moth a proper burial

step eight:

I can't take it anymore! My heart cannot take this daily death.. moths please!! there is a world of things out there to live for. Life is worth living, quit landing on the wall and giving up.. it's turning into an epidemic.

I was driving around last week and a moth flew in the window, then hid somewhere in my car. It's bad enough that you are dying in my apartment.. now you have to die in my car too. C'mon moths!! pull it together. I'm going to post the crisis hotline phone number on the wall in my apartment and I expect it to be used.

Monday, July 27, 2009



security guard: "Hey, what are you doing to that sign?!"

me: "I'm taking a photo of this"

security guard: "what your doing to that sign is illegal"

me: "it's illegal to take photos of signs?"

security guard: "that's illegal what your doing"

me: "why don't you call a real cop and we'll ask him if it's illegal to take photos"

security guard: "that's not your property."

me: (no response)
no energy or time to continue the conversation
too many other things to do AKA drink a couple more beers and keep walking to the lake. hells yeah!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Karl Addison's B-day

Good times! It was super fun.. I had some seriously awesome conversations. I learned all about lasers, rolling through the desert sitting on the hood of your car while drinking a beer, unidentified flying objects and quantum physics. I had a long conversation about quantum physics with my buddy Robin. Then another long conversation about quantum physics and breaking through barriers with Sky.

quantum physics is super interesting to me, I get pumped talking about it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Burien Skate Park

I went to Burien Skate Park with Jedd to skate again, it was a seriously fun session. The new locals at that park are awesome! Good times! It's weird to skate with a head full of euphoria (from the memory foam). I should have taken some photos, so this post wouldn't be filled up with just boring looking words and sentences. hmmmmm, next time I will. YAYER!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

memory foam is not of this world, it cannot be reasoned with

I have a serious crush on memory foam.

Memory foam is created in a secret factory underneath Trump Tower. It is created by a group of highly classified wizards that transcend any government that we know on this planet. They summon extraterrestrial biological entities from around the universe . Once gathered, they use their various forms of intelligence, telepathy, time travel and good old fashioned magic to create what we call memory foam.
Someday, the memory foam will turn on us and destroy humanity as we know it.. it will be a fate better than life.
Until then, I will feel better than I ever have waking up in the morning. I know the memory foam is stealing my soul.. but, I don't care.. I'm addicted.

screen printing= fun

More screen prints. I just got brand new ink.. I haven't tried it out yet. I've been a little bit scared to use the new stuff, I just need to quit being a little bitch about it and mix it up.
The new ink is super opaque and that RULES!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

memory foam/tragic lost brain cells

Yesterday I got a ton of exercise, ran, walked all over the place, swam and ate pancakes. I also received the memory foam mattress in the mail. So, last night was the first official memory foam sleep mission, I had no idea the fate ahead of me. This morning, I was groggy as hell... then, all day.. groggy. I felt like my brain was packed in marshmellows.. uuuuhhhhhh! It felt awesome and definitely entertaining.. but, is this the future? Am I going to be nothing more than a happy zombie and be completely out of it everyday?

I may have to increase the coffee intake.

I love it!

I started today out productive, ran a couple miles, mailed some stuff out, worked on some screen prints...

then ended up drinking beers and swimming at the lake with Derek, Mike, and Chris.
Good times! it's summer! I love it!
Conversations about the fake moon landing Hollywood set conspiracy, memory foam mattresses (one of which I received today). Talking shit about Derek's asshole neighbors.. while they were in earshot (good! those people suck!). Then ending up at IHOP.. YAYER!! mission accomplished!

I can't wait till tomorrow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

the patch marathon continues

I'm still blowing through all the rest of my ink and random fabric pieces.. the pile is finally getting smaller.


Karl Addison/Starhead in Tokyo
(images property of Karl Addison)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I could care less about oysters

but, I really like panda bears

bad drawings= the greatest

I watched a bunch of "Grizzly Man" a couple days ago, he's the guy that lived with the grizzlies for a bit... then got eaten by them. I was drawing super sketchy shit today.. I was stuck indoors and had some serious delusions going caused by heatstroke. Bad bear drawings are all that came out of my head today.. and I love it!

Humans in the woods= a walking buffet for bears. STAY CLEAR!

pinguino/starhead collab zine

I've been grabbing spare moments to work on this collab zine. Pinguino will be back up here from LA in early August.. WE WILL FINISH THIS ZINE!! YESS!

good times!

I hung out with my buddy Derek in this little park, our mission was to get beer and drink it on some steps.. oh yeah! I ended up getting some chicken strips, Derek got some mac and cheese.. it was served up in a chinese take out container, I thought it was hilarious. We met up with Mike and ended up all over the city on some adventures dealing with crazy insect wars, racist chicks obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons at the Mecca, terrifying Las Vegas Karaoke, and tragic tween partiers.. popping open full tall cans and smashing them on the ground and cheering about it... that sounds about right.