Monday, January 31, 2011

applying for artist stuffs

I was trying to apply for the Seattle Storefronts call tonight
(3-month residency in a vacant Seattle store front)
I've been working on some descriptions of what I do
and what I'd do with the space...

I boiled it down to using it as a studio
and using it as a meeting place to have "draw nights"
documenting everything in photos on a it's own blog..
inviting all of the Seattle artist community to be involved..
drawing it up, making connections, and having fun!

then I found a bunch of questions and more stuff that
I'd have to describe at the bottom of the application

I draw and paint on stuff
I make up comics and stories
...but as far as how structured this application process always is..
I really realized tonight.. my brain is way too abstract to do this

so.. application process FAIL
looking at all those questions.. it drives me to drink

fuck it!
in the future, I'll get an assistant to write this shit
I can't do it and I don't want to do it

at this point as my life as an artist
zero grants
zero projects like this

I've made my way solely by selling work
this is most likely the way it's always going to go down
because this application process hurts my soul
I can't take it

(it's my own fault.. because I like it that way)

free art

donate this to a good cause
free art..
"it's a good cause"

guess what?
there are a million good causes out there

I love the opportunities and connections made
by donating work here and there...

this isn't directed at anyone in particular..
it's the culmination of a lack of sleep,
too many recent emails asking for work,
and my knack for blurting out too much (I like doing that)

if you want donated or free art.. make it easy
don't make me drive to you and drop it off
don't have strict guidelines for me to give you something for FREE
don't make it annoying for me to give something away
use common sense

give a little back by making it easy to donate

second mini-wave of artwork on telephone poles

Sunday, January 30, 2011

artwork on telephone poles

older paintings

Kindergarten through twelve (K-12)
K-12 isn't when they were made..
that was just the running joke of the night

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was tired of not knowing so many of the important answers to life

near the end of January 2011
I took matters into my own hands

I assembled a team of experts and together
we uncovered these important facts

keeping it kid friendly

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

starhead army shirts

more shirts and stuff coming soon
good times!

Monday, January 24, 2011

sunday night combos

Ms. Elmar
Karl Addison
Jeremy Gregory
Forcefield (DMT)
LaLa Ditch
Mr. Say

bonus artists in the pics:
(I thought it was Tiptoe, but I'm not sure now)

good times!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

life and living

what a strange weekend

some actions and conversations really got me down this weekend
and at the same time I really appreciate it..
I feel more defined in my head about what I am and what I do

I felt kind of sick to my stomach about some of it

instead of dwelling on all the outside views and actions
I feel more compelled to write something about how I see things

I talk to artists all the time that want all these big things
making a living off of their work, lots of money, fame
AKA things they don't have

I see it in action and something gets lost
I just really realized today... I don't want any of that shit
I don't want it and I don't need it
I have everything that I want
I have everything that I need

I make artwork because my mind, body,
and spirit begs me to make it
I'm helpless to it and I love it
I pour everything that I am into it and that will never change
I'm hopelessly addicted to creating things
it's a habit
it's my life
I can't live without it

the only times I've ever been bummed on it is when I've lost sight
when I've attached the weight of hollow things on my head
things that don't exist

everyone has their own path
this isn't a judgement of others
I wish everyone the best in getting what they want
I understand that everyone has their own motivations for things
this are just thoughts in my little world
my opinion
and my opinion isn't a big deal

I love where I am at now, with my little stuff
I don't want any more than what I have
I have too much as it is anyway
I don't want anything

I will keep doing what I do with all my heart
and keep it as raw and pure as I possibly can

customer service

I found this drawing today
it's in a sketchbook from 2009

I don't have to deal with customer service anymore
but, I thought that those out there that do
might appreciate this

good times!

customer service sometimes requires dealing with cry babies

stay DEAD

"irony is a good way to stay dead"

a play on Photocoyote's stay alive campaign

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

print marathon till 3:37 in the morning

this is all a result of my anti-drinking binge
I can't sleep
time slowed way down...
and I have way too much energy

so much energy that I can't think straight
it's driving me crazy!!

I have electricity in my veins
my head is full of ideas mixed with static, steel wool, and clouds


there's no "off" switch

I think I'm finally getting a little bit tired's about time

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings

live paint to the music of Wes SP8

(photos property of Frank Burk)

January 19th 2011
painted with Predators of the Wild
to the incredible Wes SP8
at the Sunset in Ballard

good times!