Sunday, January 9, 2011


what a fucking incredible day

I woke up to snow falling
so I had to go run in it, it was absolutely beautiful

then I had some coffee and a delicious bagel

I decided to walk up to 7-11 and get some beer
(that's a pretty normal occurrence)

that's when the theme of the day came out shining...

while I was walking, I was thinking completely in the moment
in the now
I didn't need to hurry
I slowed down my pace and immediately felt even better
just relax, I kept saying it over and over in my head

while I was in line at 7-11
I turned my Ipod off.. right in the middle of this Radiohead song
"reeeeelax, reeeeelaxx" goes over and over in the song.
(I never pay attention to names of songs, so I'm not naming it)

I put my beer on the counter
a second later, the next person in line put his 6-pack on the counter
"I guess it's time to relax, right?" he asked
"definitely" I said back with a little laugh
"definitely time to relax"

I paid, walked out, took my Ipod off pause
to be greeted to..
"reeeeeeelax... reeeeeelax"
floating through that beautiful song from Radiohead

instead of walking straight home
I took a long walk through all the beautiful old neighborhoods
by volunteer park

I took my time
every second was incredible

it is so gorgeous to be living
and here right now


Tib said...

love this post. Glad you were able to be in the moment. I find that it is one of the most difficult things for me to do. But I find that snow, for whatever reason, has that exact same effect on me. It's magical, especially in Seattle where it doesn't happen as often.

starheadboy said...

thanks so much!

I feel the same way about snow, I love it!
everything gets really silent and calm when the snow covers the ground, it's incredible!

I try as hard as I can to stay in the moment as much as possible, it seems to be getting easier and easier. When my mind starts going to places, worrying about the future.. and getting overwhelmed, I concentrate on breathing and focus on that to bring me back to the present.