Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh sweet, sweet homeless flannel..

I saw you hanging on that chain link fence
on Madison tonight when I was walking home

flannel... cold and alone
you never hurt anyone
you didn't deserve to be abandoned

I knew I had to have you..
you're beautiful!

you were frozen all the way through
I carried you home and fed you a cup of hot cocoa
welcome back to warm life, little flannel

you can stay with me from now on
I'll treat you with love and respect
I'll treat you right, flannel

I'll clean you up tomorrow with some other laundry
we're going to go everywhere together

I'll show you the world

I love you little flannel


(OvO) said...

You're wonderful and so is your new flannel friend.

starheadboy said...

thanks so much!
You're wonderful!!

little flannel is in the laundry right now, getting all cleaned up... YOWWW!!