Monday, May 30, 2011


I felt incredible all day today

everything was really easy to let go of all day, stress free
I'm thinking that it's the two Klonopins I had at the bar last night

that marks the first time in my life that I've ever taken an
anti-anxiety drug. And I've never taken an antidepressant,
even though I should have many times in the past

I've gone through years of crippling depression
I always looked for tools, mostly changing my thoughts
to fight that dark cloud.

I dealt with anxiety attacks and panic attacks almost every night
for years

I still deal with the occasional mini-bout of depression
here and there, but it never usually lasts for more than a day.
That heavy blanket of depression is annoying, but it doesn't
have the power over me that it used to.

Anxiety is a whole different story, I deal with that shit every day.
I take long walks, meditate, and anything else I can get my hands
on to deal with it.

Anxiety is a pain in the ass.. and what's worse is, I know it's all
mental.. it's just an illusion. I can handle it most of the time.
It takes a lot of energy to combat all the thoughts that show
up.. thoughts of dread and "what ifs".
I get a little better at dealing with it every day..
it will all be behind me soon.

Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't feel anxiety
at all, not for one second.

I liked it

Sunday, May 29, 2011

little Junior deputies and the stage manager at the Mural Amphetheatre at Folklife are a dark rain cloud on an otherwise sunny day

oh yeah!! you four little deputies and the stage manager
.. you really showed us who's boss, awesome

Thanks so much for confirming on the email sent two months ago
that live painting on the Mural Amphetheatre stage would be fine

no problem

Then, waiting until we got all of our stuff to Folklife....
and then shut it down. YAYER!!

You sure showed us.

in the meantime.. I got some drawings done there and I
borrowed/stole this girl's "dream" sign and added stuffs to it

Good times!

I really wanted to keep this post from being too negative... but..

you four little junior deputies and the stage manager for the
Mural Amphetheatre really, really suck at life

oh yeah... and have a nice day

(there was a lot more that I was going to write about this,
but it was a super negative experience and this is all that
I'm going to give it. moving forward, good times!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SART uncovers a beautifully preserved SKAM piece

May 23th 2011
Seattle, Washington

A unnamed researcher at the Seattle, Washington branch of
SART (Starhead Artworks Restoration Team) uncovered what is
turning out to be a beautifully preserved SKAM piece.

The researcher stated that he guessed that the piece may have
been buried in paper and a strange adhesive organic paste
for up to ten minutes.

A team of SART researchers meticulously removed what they said
was a "poster" revealing the SKAM piece.

"We got really lucky with this one" said a researcher that wanted
to remain unnamed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

how come stuff I find on the street is always so awesome?

this is my little blue hoodie with a hole in the front..
I found it on top of a newspaper box about three weeks ago.

I took it home, washed it.. and now it's my favorite coat.
I've worn it almost everyday since then

stuff that I find on the street always seem to be so much better
than anything that I could ever find in a store

I love it!

on the same day, I also found:
*an old skateboard deck to paint on
*a pair of black pants
(I cut them up into small sizes to screen print images on for patches)
*2 lucky pennies

good times!

standard beer chart

Sunday, May 22, 2011

little starhead static cling stowaway

this little static cling went along with my parents on a
two-month road trip down to the California coast

my mom got some pics of him along the way
good times!

the Antiphone has arrived on earth

(concept and idea by my friend, Chris Disario)

my little phone died a couple days ago.. it was a really rough time.
I grieved hard for a couple days...
then, I decided yesterday to jump back in and adopt a new phone

my timing was slightly off.. yesterday happened to be the rapture

I ended up with the Antiphone

the Antiphone was born on May 21st 2011

he was born in the fiery depths of downtown Seattle
right under the T-mobile store on 6th avenue

I should have been tipped off by his little pitchfork
and the name "lil beezlebub" on his adoption certificate

he's already turned out to be a mini-handful
he deleted everyone off my SIM card that has a name beginning with the letter "S"

that little munchkin!!

I don't care if everyone thinks that he is back to take over the earth
and steal all our souls... I just don't see that in him

he might play a few pranks here and there..
but, he's not evil. he's just misunderstood
it's going to get really crazy when he hits those teen years

I love this little phone!

little awesome note..

I was invited into a group show at the Old Rainier Brewery last week.
Amazing artwork everywhere in an awesome, enormous space.

The cold, rainy night didn't hold back a incredibly huge crowd of people from coming out, it was packed!
I knew it would be good..
but I had no idea that it would be that good! YAYER!!
I was super stoked to be in the show

I went to pick up some of my paintings today and one of them had a note on it

this awesome little note!! I love it, totally made my day!
the portrait is so good!

I called her today and she said that she really looks like the drawing
I can't wait to meet up with her

I had completely forgot about the power of notes
I'm going to start writing a lot more of them, I'm inspired!

she also said that her friend wanted that same painting...
so, they are going to both pay half and share that piece

I love the sound of that, they are going to share it!
so incredible!

I like how this girl's brain works
this lil lizard painting is going to have two homes, good times!

penguins keep the door open to their hearts

... and sometimes they just keep the door open.

like in this case
locked door + strategically placed penguin sticker = unlocked door

penguins give the gift of letting people come and go as they please
they believe in freedom for everyone

there are no locked doors in Antarctica
there are no locked doors on an iceburg
there are no locked doors on a penguin's heart

let's learn from the penguins
less locked doors, more freedom

good times!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 million year old burrito unicorn fossil discovered

by E. Thomas Rade
The Sumner Sun

Sumner, Washington
Archeologists believe they have found the fossil remains of a
of a remarkably intact burrito unicorn dating back to
possibly 14 million years ago.

Earlier this month other fossils were found around the
"Sumner Sunnyside Acres" condominium construction site.
Archeologists were called in and through sophisticated
x-ray equipment were able to find what they think
is an entire blessing of up to 20 burrito unicorns
believed to be caught in an eruption of Mount Rainier
The volcano covered them in ash and mud, creating the
perfect conditions to preserve their immaculate skeletons.

"This could rewrite a lot of the history of what we
believed to be the timeline of these magical little
beasts" said Professor Brant Formington, of the University
of Washington Archeology Department.
"I have a feeling that a lot of the assumptions that were
made about burrito unicorns are going to turn out to
be false, it's looking like these creatures have been around
since prehistoric times. Possibly roaming the planet with
the dinosaurs".

Monday, May 9, 2011

Levinson's free range 100% pure burrito unicorn burgers

"any time is the right time for Levinson's,
home of the world famous burrito unicorn heaven burger"

three paintings done for the food-themed show a Urban Light Studios

good times!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

more penguins show up at the Sloop in Ballard

good times!

the middle piece was done by Ryan Henry Ward
it's one of my favorites


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Iron show

Sweet Iron is in downtown Seattle
at 1200 3rd Ave, Suite 110

good times!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

my buddy Leonardo DiCaprio is in town, he said he plans on buying up this whole show

I told him that I'm still going to promote the show

he's busy for the next couple days..
so, if you get there first..
you can still pick up a piece before Leo gets it

spending up some of that sweet Basketball Diaries money
good times!

this show is up at Monkey Grind Espresso in Greenwood
518 North 85th Street