Sunday, May 29, 2011

little Junior deputies and the stage manager at the Mural Amphetheatre at Folklife are a dark rain cloud on an otherwise sunny day

oh yeah!! you four little deputies and the stage manager
.. you really showed us who's boss, awesome

Thanks so much for confirming on the email sent two months ago
that live painting on the Mural Amphetheatre stage would be fine

no problem

Then, waiting until we got all of our stuff to Folklife....
and then shut it down. YAYER!!

You sure showed us.

in the meantime.. I got some drawings done there and I
borrowed/stole this girl's "dream" sign and added stuffs to it

Good times!

I really wanted to keep this post from being too negative... but..

you four little junior deputies and the stage manager for the
Mural Amphetheatre really, really suck at life

oh yeah... and have a nice day

(there was a lot more that I was going to write about this,
but it was a super negative experience and this is all that
I'm going to give it. moving forward, good times!)

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