Thursday, September 16, 2010

burrito unicorn instruction manual (the book, process)

I've been a hermit all week working on this book.

I painted around 26 small paintings for it..
only to realize when I started scanning them,
they were all the wrong size.

good times!! it was a blessing in disguise,
lots more material came out of it and a new format.

I'm super stoked on how it's coming along and seriously obsessed with getting it done.

I have a couple more 24-hour days of working on it,
I will have it available on soon.

Viva burrito unicorn instruction manual the book!!


Section said...

I like the color/black and white combonation. Photocyote introduced me to your stuff. Didn't realize it was your stickers all over Seattle. Cool beans.

Good luck finishing the book. Hopefully you'll put a piece in the Section 8 'zine . Awsome.

starheadboy said...

I'd love to submit something to Section 8

good times!