Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 million year old burrito unicorn fossil discovered

by E. Thomas Rade
The Sumner Sun

Sumner, Washington
Archeologists believe they have found the fossil remains of a
of a remarkably intact burrito unicorn dating back to
possibly 14 million years ago.

Earlier this month other fossils were found around the
"Sumner Sunnyside Acres" condominium construction site.
Archeologists were called in and through sophisticated
x-ray equipment were able to find what they think
is an entire blessing of up to 20 burrito unicorns
believed to be caught in an eruption of Mount Rainier
The volcano covered them in ash and mud, creating the
perfect conditions to preserve their immaculate skeletons.

"This could rewrite a lot of the history of what we
believed to be the timeline of these magical little
beasts" said Professor Brant Formington, of the University
of Washington Archeology Department.
"I have a feeling that a lot of the assumptions that were
made about burrito unicorns are going to turn out to
be false, it's looking like these creatures have been around
since prehistoric times. Possibly roaming the planet with
the dinosaurs".

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