Sunday, May 22, 2011

the Antiphone has arrived on earth

(concept and idea by my friend, Chris Disario)

my little phone died a couple days ago.. it was a really rough time.
I grieved hard for a couple days...
then, I decided yesterday to jump back in and adopt a new phone

my timing was slightly off.. yesterday happened to be the rapture

I ended up with the Antiphone

the Antiphone was born on May 21st 2011

he was born in the fiery depths of downtown Seattle
right under the T-mobile store on 6th avenue

I should have been tipped off by his little pitchfork
and the name "lil beezlebub" on his adoption certificate

he's already turned out to be a mini-handful
he deleted everyone off my SIM card that has a name beginning with the letter "S"

that little munchkin!!

I don't care if everyone thinks that he is back to take over the earth
and steal all our souls... I just don't see that in him

he might play a few pranks here and there..
but, he's not evil. he's just misunderstood
it's going to get really crazy when he hits those teen years

I love this little phone!

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