Sunday, May 22, 2011

little awesome note..

I was invited into a group show at the Old Rainier Brewery last week.
Amazing artwork everywhere in an awesome, enormous space.

The cold, rainy night didn't hold back a incredibly huge crowd of people from coming out, it was packed!
I knew it would be good..
but I had no idea that it would be that good! YAYER!!
I was super stoked to be in the show

I went to pick up some of my paintings today and one of them had a note on it

this awesome little note!! I love it, totally made my day!
the portrait is so good!

I called her today and she said that she really looks like the drawing
I can't wait to meet up with her

I had completely forgot about the power of notes
I'm going to start writing a lot more of them, I'm inspired!

she also said that her friend wanted that same painting...
so, they are going to both pay half and share that piece

I love the sound of that, they are going to share it!
so incredible!

I like how this girl's brain works
this lil lizard painting is going to have two homes, good times!

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