Monday, January 31, 2011

free art

donate this to a good cause
free art..
"it's a good cause"

guess what?
there are a million good causes out there

I love the opportunities and connections made
by donating work here and there...

this isn't directed at anyone in particular..
it's the culmination of a lack of sleep,
too many recent emails asking for work,
and my knack for blurting out too much (I like doing that)

if you want donated or free art.. make it easy
don't make me drive to you and drop it off
don't have strict guidelines for me to give you something for FREE
don't make it annoying for me to give something away
use common sense

give a little back by making it easy to donate

1 comment:

David W. Black said...

you know what...i just delt with this too - they made me feel like they were doing ME a favor by LETTING me give them my work. 'they' can suck it.