Saturday, January 1, 2011


last night for New Years,
I walked from my apartment on Capitol Hill
down to SODO to the Sodo loft party thrown by Derek and Mikey
(close to an hour and a half long walk)
there was frost on the ground when I left so it definitely
wasn't the warmest walk I've ever been on

as soon as I got to the loft, I got a beer..
then, while I was wandering around
I walked into an area that had magic hot air.

it was blowing down from the ceiling
from this incredible robot machine.


Janitrol brought my fingers back from near frostbite.
Janitrol is amazing!
I spent most of the night basking in his awesome gift of heat
that machine does nothing but give
it's beautiful! so generous

I was planning on bumming a ride
when I left the party at least to downtown
that way the walk wouldn't be so long..

I never made it to that point
a fragile equation of irresponsible drinking
and my habit of ducking out "social ninja style"
pushed me out into the freezing night
I just knew that I had to keep walking or I'd pass out

I don't remember most of the walk home..
I just know that I walked it
and thank God I did, if I hadn't....
I would be suffering a monster hangover today

I'm pretty sure that I left the party before midnight too..
all of it is real hazy.

good times!

Happy New Years!