Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jellybeans... WTF?

I spotted this bag of jellybeans today
just sitting there silently on my printer

I picked up these cuties yesterday
on the last stop of the night

tall can of PBR... check
bag of jellybeans.. check


I have this habit of grabbing some kind of snack
when I'm getting beer
it always seems like a perfect idea at the time

the beer gets drank
the snacks stay unopened

most the time they don't even make it out of my bag

is this my version of comfort food?
do I just really like snacks close to me?

do they make me feel safe?

apparently, I really like taking snacks out of the four walls
of the convenience store and out on walks around the city

c'mon snacks
jump in my bag
we're going on a little adventure

you'll love it!

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