Monday, January 31, 2011

applying for artist stuffs

I was trying to apply for the Seattle Storefronts call tonight
(3-month residency in a vacant Seattle store front)
I've been working on some descriptions of what I do
and what I'd do with the space...

I boiled it down to using it as a studio
and using it as a meeting place to have "draw nights"
documenting everything in photos on a it's own blog..
inviting all of the Seattle artist community to be involved..
drawing it up, making connections, and having fun!

then I found a bunch of questions and more stuff that
I'd have to describe at the bottom of the application

I draw and paint on stuff
I make up comics and stories
...but as far as how structured this application process always is..
I really realized tonight.. my brain is way too abstract to do this

so.. application process FAIL
looking at all those questions.. it drives me to drink

fuck it!
in the future, I'll get an assistant to write this shit
I can't do it and I don't want to do it

at this point as my life as an artist
zero grants
zero projects like this

I've made my way solely by selling work
this is most likely the way it's always going to go down
because this application process hurts my soul
I can't take it

(it's my own fault.. because I like it that way)


Anonymous said...

I will help. All you have to do is say Sharon, will you help me with this paperwork:)

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Unfortunately, I am built to do paperwork. Please let me know if there is any way I can help. Don't give up. Once you write out all this stuff once, you can re-use the content. A 3-month residency in a vacant storefront sounds cool on all sorts of levels.

Astroshock said...
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Astroshock said...

I agree with what the above ladies have said. Don't not ask for help in matters like this. On the other hand, I get exactly what you're saying. Being in a band is similar. The amount of online presence you're expected to have and develop a personality for(website, Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc.) is sometimes daunting. Add to that that you need album artwork and a logo and you're getting into several different fields that have nothing to do with being a musician but are necessary to getting your music heard.

It's easy to get frustrated, but hang in there. I'm sure you've been surprised before.

30 Sacrifices said...

What they said!