Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Karl Addison

Narboo and I were stopped on the street a couple nights ago. I was taking a photo of some stuff and this guy started telling us about this scary/disturbing street art that he saw.. "I think it's Osama Bin Ladin". He brings up a photo on his phone.. it wasn't Osama.. far from it.. it was BUBBA!! Karl Addison's Bubba head on Pike. It was pure entertainment that the guy thought it was Osama.
(photo property of ERIK98122)

Ironically, we were meeting up with Karl. We also passed the Bubba head on the way downtown.. it was torn in half (R.I.P. Bubba head.. you will always be in our hearts)
Karl told me a story that his aunt and uncle saw a kid climbing a light pole and taking down some canvas and wood pieces that we put up and asked him what he was doing.. he told them that he was a vigilante and the stuff didn't belong up there. More entertainment.. we both came to the conclusion that he just wanted the stuff, which is great... that's the whole reason I put canvas pieces up, to be taken.
Good times!

Karl may be on this reality show about emerging artists, he left for a casting call on Wednesday... I'm already confirmed as part of his entourage when he becomes super famous.. hells yeah!!

Karl rules!! check out his stuff at the partybots link


Partybots said...

hahaha, this is awesome. Correction: It was my uncle and aunt that caught that kid. So good!

Chicago bound...

erik98122 said...

Tooooo funny!

Russell said...

Good luck Karl!