Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Lake Good Times Session 2009

I met up with Narboo, Steve, and Shawn to skate around Green Lake today.. good times!

Shawn's long board shape design, artwork by Narboo

I don't skate a long board, I gots a regular skateboard.. I just have to push a lot more to keep up.

We chilled on a dock for a bit and did some swimming

We ran into a dude that was diving for his Christmas gifts this year, he found 5 pairs of sunglasses while we were there. I saw armies of mallards bobbing around on the waves. We skated Greenwood skatepark for a minute, the heat put an end to that.. no one else was there. I watched a bunch of people in tandem kayaks.

I don't understand tandem kayaks, the ones with more than one person in them. You HAVE to go where the other person or other people go, you are stuck in the same damn ass boat.

tandem kayak= siamese twin kayak

I would much rather be solo in a kayak, I want to be free. It's crazy, if one person wants to check out that duck over there and the other wants to go check out the island over there.. they can't. Solo kayak is the way to go, if I want to go check out that island and you don't want to, it's fine because we aren't attached at the hip.
I'm sure some people love tandem kayaks, that's cool.. everyone likes there own thing. I just don't get it.

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