Thursday, July 16, 2009

Skateboarding.. I LOVE IT!

My buddy Jedd and I skated some parks today in the afternoon, Burien and Kent.. both parks I haven't been to in a couple years now. I was fighting a mini-hangover when we got to Burien, stayed up too late drinking Busch Light's and watching "Let the right one in", such a good movie. I keep running into people that recommend it, I finally watched it online. If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT.. it's a vampire movie, so moody and good. It made me want to get back into filming.. got to do it!
So, we skated Burien then on to West Hill skatepark in Kent AKA Fennwick skatepark AKA Reith Road skatepark. It's one of my favorite parks, really old and not built great.. but, it's where I learned to skate flow type transitions. I will always have a big part of my heart devoted to that park.
It looks like a whole new crew of locals skate there now, I didn't recognize any of them. That park attracts the biggest group of scumbags... I love it! A true beer-drinking park.
I have to skate more, it's ridiculous how little I've been skating lately.

Oh, a little bit more about what goes on at Burien skatepark. Jedd told me that last time he was there, two kids were in a full blown argument about Insane Clown Posse, that kind of says it all. People have been shot at that park, it's out of control.

After I got home, I went for a run to get the recommended daily amount of exercise.. and to work off some Taco Bell foodstuffs, Damn, now I feel great. It's been such a good day so far. Hells yes!

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