Tuesday, July 28, 2009

death with dignity

my plea to the community of moths that choose death with dignity on the walls of my apartment


It's the same routine every night and it's getting old fast.
here's the sequence of events

step one:
random moth flies in through window

step two:
moth flies and bumps it's head into the light for about a half an hour

step three:
moth gets tired of that and lands on a wall

step four:
moth stays on the wall

step five:
moth still chilling on the wall hours later... days later

step six:
moth dies on the wall

step seven:
I have to go out and buy a moth-sized casket and give moth a proper burial

step eight:

I can't take it anymore! My heart cannot take this daily death.. moths please!! there is a world of things out there to live for. Life is worth living, quit landing on the wall and giving up.. it's turning into an epidemic.

I was driving around last week and a moth flew in the window, then hid somewhere in my car. It's bad enough that you are dying in my apartment.. now you have to die in my car too. C'mon moths!! pull it together. I'm going to post the crisis hotline phone number on the wall in my apartment and I expect it to be used.


(OvO) said...

Make sure to get a leetle moth-sized phone and calling card. Don't give them any excuses. I know I've been driving around with at least a couple hidden moth corpses lately as well. Don't give up moths!

The S stands for S said...

My apartment is a graveyard of misguided insects, bugs and other leggy creatures.
I've tried relocating them outside, but the majority of them fly right back in the window. After two tries that's it. I can't chase them around anymore.
Poor things.