Thursday, July 30, 2009

103 degrees in the Seattle area

I saw tons of heat zombies yesterday, people pacing back and forth and walking in mindless circles.

It was fun as hell!

lots of people out there getting their sweat glands pushed to THEE absolute limit.

I walked down to Madison Lake with my buddy Derek. We spotted a hotel that hangs over the water, I'm convinced the hotel is definitely haunted.. at the very least, the spooky underside of the hotel is haunted. We drank a couple of beers to get some medium courage going, then went for a swim. With a mouthful of salted sunflower seeds in my mouth, we made our way to the murky, mysterious waters under the hotel. We got to the brink of the hotel, the waters became dark.. choppy.. and then a very creepy coldness swept in. I was scared and said I didn't know if I could do it, seaweed was lapping at my feet and legs.. most likely it was haunted seaweed from shipwrecks long ago.

We finally barged it, swam underneath, defying possession by the restless spirits that call the waters home. We made it the the other side.. to a secluded tropical beach, it was amazing. I swam to the beach.. eyeballed the extended cement fenced balcony that surrounds the hotel. I climbed the cement wall, I saw a sign "violators will be prosecuted"... I jumped it along with a feeble chain barrier-thing meant to keep people out. I ran down the patio to the deeper water end, climbed the cement fence thing and jumped off into the haunted waters below.

We high-tailed it out of there, back under the hotel's deep, black waters. Back to the other side... FREEDOM!!!
Here is the scorecard

Ghosts- 0
Haunted Hotel- 0
Us- 1


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