Sunday, November 14, 2010

thank god beer is way more user friendly than a fucking Ipod shuffle 4th generation

a big "thank you" goes out to Apple for helping me
waste 3 hours of fucking time today trying to get your fucking
shit to work right and failing all over the place... I love it!

my awesome little silver Ipod shuffle died today
in the middle of a four mile run.. good times!

then, it all went uphill from there.

I tried to go to the Mac store or Apple store or
whatever the fuck it's called.. in University Village
what a complete waste of time
no parking within an 80 mile radius of that place
fuck University Village.. that place is complete HELL
I wanted to kill myself just to get the fuck out of there

I gave up and got out of there at 2 miles an hour,
that's about as fast as you can go anywhere around
that area.

I ended up buying a new Ipod shuffle at
Fred Meyer in Ballard.
I get home, plug it in
it says it needs "Itunes 10"
I tried for hours to update all the shit on my computer
no luck

Awezome!! thanks Apple!
I just need this fucking Ipod as an MP3 player
I don't need it to talk to me
I don't need it to shoot lasers
I don't even need Itunes at this point..
I'd love to just put a fucking CD in my computer
and put it right on that Ipod...

but, that's not possible
it would be way too easy

I troubleshooted it online.. it looks like
if I was to take this situation any further
I would have to spend $250 to upgrade my


this brings me to why your fucking Ipod is shit
compared to a beer.

instead of destroying my apartment and everything
around me out of frustration... I decided to walk up
to my friendly neighborhood 7-11 and grab some

beer doesn't need a goddamn upgrade... EVER!!
no stupid updates right and left

crack one open and drink
no bullshit

PBR in
Apple out

(I'm drinking down some of these delicious PBR's
and watching "doom asylum" on Hulu... it's a horror
movie with some incredibly bad acting..
this is going to save my whole night)

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Angie Kritenbrink said...

I hate Apple - we have Sony Walkman mp3 players.