Wednesday, November 17, 2010

junior-sized long-toothed giggly lungfish

A rash of complaints have been received at
Humane Societies all around the world.

The junior-sized long-toothed giggly lungfish
(a recently domesticated animal that has been
so popular that pet stores cannot keep them
on shelves) appears to be a natural semi-enemy
to the burrito unicorn.

It seem that a burrito unicorn's tail is a delicacy
to these strange new animals. The two animals
seem to live in harmony, after the burrito unicorn's
tail is bitten off.

Buyer beware, if you have both of these animals
and your burrito unicorn still has it's tail...
you will need to invest in a "tail muzzle"
or the giggly lungfish will eat it.

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