Thursday, November 25, 2010

Newport the fruit fly

you love to hover around my kitchen sink
day and night
you keep really weird hours
but, always so reliable

you are a really good friend
I feel like you really listen to me

Newport, you are the kind of fruit fly
that all the women fruit flies want
and all the men fruit flies wish they were.

thanks for keeping it real
if you were bigger, I'd give you a hug

that big chunk of banana
I put in the sink is all you baby!
Happy Thanksgiving Newport!


(OvO) said...

Happy Thanksgiving Newport! And you too Dave. :)

starheadboy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you (OvO)!! have fun!

jaxiejax said...

Fruit flys are fruity and fine. They have tiny bladders so can't drink too much wine.