Saturday, January 16, 2010

spanking brand new stuff coming up and I'm stoked about it!

I finally got rid of swine flu jr. enough to feel good enough to get out and run a couple miles this morning. I get super manic after a run... AKA endorphin-charged inspiration... AKA hyper giddy

I cut out this cute, little battery stamp this morning.
(with the exception of being a dead battery, he's damn cute)

here's some stuff that's coming
I'll elaborate on each thing when it gets closer

Saturday, January 30th
(two events, same night)

I'll have a piece in the Georgetown Art Center, I think it's during the Art Attack that happens in Georgetown... I'll know more soon. good times!

I'll also have a bunch of work in West Seattle at The Art Farm 3 event
I'm super excited about it, Narboo and "Henry" will be there also.
here's a link to it (it'll have to be copy and pasted because I suck)

The Art Farm 3
it's going to be super fun.

I have a piece in February's Artifakt event
I'll post pics soon, it's a love-themed painting
here's a link (it's painfully obvious that I can't make links)

facebook event
or at Artifakt's site...

also, Saturday, March 20th
I'll be giving a lecture at Cartoonists Northwest
meetup at Daniel Smith Artist Supplies
lots more on this to come
check out their website
cartoonists northwest
(I'm going to have copies of upcoming "burrito unicorn instruction guide" to give out at this event, plus a lot more.. stay tuned)

it's going to be awesome!!

(sorry about all the copy and pasting, I punished myself by punching myself right in the face if it makes you feel better)

yess!! the links are working, I took the punch in the face back and apologized to myself.


Lisa Town said...

Reach out and be a part of your positive surroundings... and the Universe will conspire with you :) Happiness/Positivity is infectious... and it can grow on you ... if you allow it!!

You punching yourself in the face makes me laugh... not that I'd want you to harm yourself :p

Life is FUN!! While alive... LIVE!!

starheadboy said...

so true!

I have to remember to remember that.
good times!