Tuesday, January 19, 2010

don't make this drink... trust me

Years ago, I worked at Starbucks

sometimes when we got bored, we'd invent different drinks
I'm sure it happens at every coffee shop

My buddy Ryan invented this delicious drink called "the french toast"
mmmmmmm... so GOOD!!

I ended up inventing a drink called "the hot dog"

here we go!

The Hot Dog (ingredients)

*short size, whole milk latte
*one pump of Valencia syrup

not so complicated.. right?
it tastes just like a hot dog

this was back when shots were pulled, not the push button shots of coffee that exist now at Starbucks....I don't know if that affects the flavor profile

do yourself a favor... never make this drink


Shawn said...

Sadly, Starbucks doesn't even carry Valencia syrup anymore.

starheadboy said...

R.I.P. "the hot dog"

Q said...

you said "flavor profile" pfft