Wednesday, January 20, 2010

reality show

I've had this idea for a reality show for a couple weeks now.

I've always thought it would be really funny to get a wild animal inside a office building and watch how much destruction it can leave in its wake.

I would take place in a big house, preferably a multi-storied house

This show would consist of one human being and one wild raccoon living together under one roof.
How long is it going to take before the raccoon warms up to the person.

I'm talking wild raccoon, not a Hollywood animal.

I want to go out with a burlap bag and physically catch a raccoon and get him in the house.

The person living in the house will have a bathroom and a bedroom that locks from the inside, so they will have "safe rooms".

This show is going to be a ratings juggernaut, how could it not be?

The raccoon is definitely going to destroy the house in the first couple hours.

Think of how funny it would be to see the person wake up each morning and try to go take a shower, or coming home from work and slowly opening the front door.. the person would have no idea where the raccoon is in the house at the time.

This show has to happen
It's going to be incredible

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