Wednesday, January 13, 2010


*microwaves brings some things back to life
(like old, cold pizza slices)

*robots are full of pure love and the fastest way to their heart is an oil change/tune-up combo.

*if you drink three cups of black coffee in a row fast, you can see ghosts and a full two seconds into the future.

*unicorns are real and they love to eat huckleberries.

*spiders are scary, they have eight legs and eight eyes.
(that's a lot of legs and eyes to keep track of)

*neon signs improve overall well-being.
(especially the signs in Vegas)

*most problems can be solved just by eating a cupcake.
(bigger problems sometimes require two cupcakes)

1 comment:

mimi sioux said...

these are good facts
good to know stuff!