Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bananas+cold temperature=do not mix!

I bought a couple of bushels of gorgeous bananas last week

they were breathtaking, all done up in a glorious yellow with a very slight newly picked green attached to them

these bananas were phenomenal... I felt so lucky to have them
they were smoking hot and they knew it

I got them home

then for some reason I put them in the refrigerator

the next day I went to grab one and was completely heartbroken at the sad destiny that had washed over me prized bananas...

they had aged ten times faster than if they were out on the counter!
these poor, helpless bananas went from their prime to geriatric in just 8 short hours!!

refrigerators are like a deadly time-machine for bananas

I feel like a criminal
this is going to be a hard one to live with

1 comment:

Lisa Town said...

Now you have to learn how to make Banana Bread! ;)

I met the owner of Hotwire Coffee yesterday and thought you might want to check into this...

Hope you're feeling better :)