Monday, January 18, 2010

dinner with the squirrels

I used to live in this second floor apartment that had a small porch that faced a wooded area.
I was doing a lot of spray paint stencils on canvas at the time, I would paint them out on the porch.

Every time I was out there painting, I'd throw a handful of peanuts out to the squirrels.
(the peanuts were unsalted, shelled peanuts.. I didn't want them to get high blood pressure)

I would paint and drink beer while these cute little rodents chowed down on the food stuffs.

The squirrels started equating the sound and smell of the spray paint with the peanuts.

I would go out and paint and they'd come running out of the woods every time.

It got to the point that I would just go out on the deck, throw them some peanuts and while they were eating theirs.. I would be eating some too. I'd hang out there drinking beer and eating peanuts.

People would ask me "what are you up to tonight?"

I'd always respond "having dinner with the squirrels"

That was such a fun time.
I love those cute, gray little munchkins

I miss having dinner with them


The S stands for S said...

You have the best stories. The illustrations were an added bonus/chuckle!

The S stands for S said...

That reminds me...
When I was in college we had squirrels that would come up to the windows around the student union building where we ate. The would gather around and take turns looking pathetic/needy/cute until you cracked the window and fed them. Still one of my favorite memories from college.

starheadboy said...


squirrel love to give the puppy dog eyes until you give them a little morsel, they're always pushing 100% on the cute scale.