Monday, August 10, 2009

"things I'm thankful for" gratitude lists

Recently I've been making lists of things that I'm thankful for, it helps to keep me stoked on what is going on every day and to keep in check with how incredible it is to be alive.. and also to prevent myself from turning into too much of a whiny bastard.

I was getting my car's oils changed at Jiffy Lube last week, I was all giddy/manic from powering through a couple cups of black coffee and being up a little too early (11am)... this is the perfect combo for making lists.

An elderly couple came into the waiting room at Jiffy Lube, they sat down next to me.
I could feel the elderly woman glancing over to peek at what I was writing.. the glances quickly became a full-blown, drool inducing stare.

At the very moment that I was going to write "I'm thankful this list is interesting enough that the woman next to me wants to read it"....I got called out by the Jiffy Lube guy, my car was done and I was out of there. Sorry you didn't make the list random lady.

gratitude lists are definite good times!


Tori Brewster said...

I'm a big fan of thanks lists. I guess there are actual doctoresque studies that prove giving thanks actually improves your overall well being, health. So, ya know- hazzah! here is mine from a year ago- your post reminded me its prolly time ta update it!

starheadboy said...

that is one gorgeous thank you list!

Tori Brewster said...

Aw, thanks! I'm putting a new one up tonight- inspired by yours! Woot x 12!!