Friday, August 21, 2009

thee friendliest cat in America

Scene One, Take One


I approach, walking down a dimly lit Seattle sidewalk (uneven and gaped). I've had a couple of "road sodas" so I don't pay attention to how warped the sidewalk is.. so, why did I even mention it (maybe to set the scene)
I see a strange wandering cat ahead
It's a cute cat

I don't think I've ever met a cat that isn't cute, so why did I mention that too (probably to introduce the main character).

I start petting said cat and talking to it.
This cat is naturally comfortable sitting on my lap, it's out of control
It makes me kind of jealous, I wish I was that mellow about stuff.
That I could trust and let go of everything as freely as awesome cat does.
Cat starts to get crazy and climbing up all over me, even up on my shoulders.. this is one friendly cat.
So friendly in fact,
I would say it is... THE FRIENDLIEST CAT IN AMERICA!!!

YES!! thank you friendly cat! YOU RULE!!
keep doing it

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