Monday, August 3, 2009

petting cats on the street=mini-makeout sesh

I was walking to the lake a couple days ago and I spotted a cute cat up ahead on the sidewalk. This was one of those super friendly cats, I reached down and pet the little dude. So, I pet said cat for just a second, just a bunch of fast pets.. then I started walking away. I looked back and the cat was still looking around with that "mmm, that felt good, what was that?" look in it's eyes.

petting a cat (cat's perspective) is equal to making out with a person (human perspective)

Petting a random cat on the street is just like making out with a person on the street. The human world and the cat world have obvious differences... but, if both our worlds were the same my theory would be sound.

The make-out sesh could be switched with a hug.
So, if human culture was very much more "hug-based" we would feel more like cats feel. Cats get affection all day through getting pet. Imagine a society of people walking around hugging each other all the time, whether the people know each other or not. hmmmmmmm...I may just be going completely insane.

anyway...hugging and making out with people, and petting cats all equal lots of fun.

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Tori Brewster said...

yeahers! More make out sessions and hugs are totally called for!