Friday, August 28, 2009

dogs should always wear safety glasses

Last week we were chilling at this park and we met this kid George, he's from Bulgaria. Super nice kid, he helped us clean out this gnarly little fountain/bowl/skatepark called "the bone" in Lynnwood.
Here's a piece of a conversation we had

George from Bulgaria- "I saw a dog jump into those woods and he poked his eye on a stick!"

Me- "that's why dogs should be required to wear safety glasses at all times"

It's the truth!
Dogs think that they are indestructible and just go running into whatever and wherever they want... c'mon dogs!! get some safety equipment! You're driving up heath care costs for the rest of us.. and just because you have four legs doesn't mean you're better than everyone else.


no one likes to see a dog with an eye patch on.

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Jen said...

I've seen a dog with safety goggles on and it was awesome!