Thursday, August 6, 2009

the buffalo

When I first made this little dude, he was a symbol of something pure that needs to always remember to stay pure.
The buffalo were driven to near extinction by the Europeans to exhaust the Native Americans food supply. This animal that freely roamed the plains, killed to be killed.. pointless death.

I see everything in the individual, all our struggles through life.. the good and the bad. All of it is good, life is incredible.. and it is our responsibility to always see that.
The buffalo is a metaphor for the pure emotions and innocent way that we see the world as a child. When you are a little kid, you don't know sarcasm, bitterness or anger.. not the same way that many adults see it.
Life isn't easy, and the world can be cold.. if you aren't careful, it will chip away at that inner light and all those pure emotions that you experienced as a kid will be driven to extinction.
The buffalo is a visual reminder to always be a kid at heart, to never give that up.... and, if it has left you in any way.. to seek it back out, it's never too late. Life is gorgeous and the world is beautiful.. any of us can do anything, it's important to always remember that. You deserve to be happy and have fun every day, life is a journey filled with incredible adventures.

The buffalo symbolizes much more now.. from just simply comfort, to conviction, inner strength, pure love and life.
It means whatever you want it to mean.

Life is too long and too short to not live it to it's fullest.
You have unlimited potential, you can do anything... you make it happen.

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Tori Brewster said...

I gave my twin 3 year old nieces the white buffalo stickers you gave us, and they colored in the buffalo bellies and put them up in their play room. It was awesome+adorable= amazing.