Saturday, August 1, 2009

hunger vs. sleep

I got home late last night after MNSS2K9.. aka Marathon Night Swim Sesh 2009. I was super tired and I was HUNGRY... I thought I was going to have to resort to a game I play in my mind called "hunger vs. sleep". Whichever one is stronger at the time wins, usually sleep takes the gold. I also had to get a shower to remove all the sick lake sludge and parasites off me, which added more to the dilemma... it almost turned into "cleanliness vs. hunger vs. sleep" and that gets way too complicated.

I found a solution to all of it..

I ended up eating a turkey sandwich in the shower, and it was AWEZOME!!!

I've drank coffee or a beer in the shower, but this was the first time I broke the barrier of actually eating solid foodstuffs.
I'm definitely not going to make it a habit, but it really saved me last night. Multitasking.
I'll most likely stick to my old policy:
liquids in the shower only.

good times!

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