Saturday, December 19, 2009

this is what happens if you don't wash your car

I haven't washed my car in over six years..
it's kind of weird, because I wash dishes as soon as I'm done with them. I'm pretty clean and organized with most everything else.

but..the outside of a car
no way!

I just don't care

I can always find something I have to do more than wash a car

look at it!!
there's moss growing on there!


go little moss GO!!

the haggard scratches are from some chains that broke on Snoqualmie Pass about five years ago during a crazed snowstorm.

the snowstorm had an intensity level of 100%

we were just stoked to get out of there alive.

if you ever have to chain up, don't push the chains to their absolute limit.. follow the guidelines.

If you don't, your car will end up looking like mine


JuJiebee said...

That moss looks like a little rainforest island. I think you may have a sort of Whoville nestled in that car crevice with a bunch of little critters habitating on that rainforest island that depend on you not ever washing your car! Remember that and be careful.

The S stands for S said...