Sunday, December 27, 2009

burrito unicorn care

make sure to keep "people food" away from your burrito unicorn

burrito unicorns have a very, very fragile digestive system and should only be fed their native diet of jellybeans and green salad

nothing is more painful to watch than a diarrhea rainbow pouring out of a poor little burrito unicorn's ass


take care of your burrito unicorn and it'll take care of you

(from the upcoming "burrito unicorn instruction manual" zine)


Lisa Town said...

tut tut... you can't say 'Ass' if it's a 'KiD's ZinE'!! ;) Payton loves the concept... but she says they 'Poop Cupcakes and Puke Rainbows' :p

vanessa said...

I would comment, but I'm an artist.

leslie said...

I would comment, but I just moved back to Seattle from 20 minutes away.

starheadboy said...