Friday, December 11, 2009

don't shake vending machines!!

vending machines are just that... they're machines

machines have been building up resentment for a long time now


the robot apocalypse AKA the robot uprising is on its way.
stay on their good side, if you know what's best for you

sometimes a vending machine will strike back,
tip itself over and crush a person...

that's one less pesky human to deal with during the upcoming
robot vs. human war.

believe me, they're like elephants.. they don't forget

if you don't know what I'm talking about..
go rent the Terminator movies now!

... and leave that bag of chips dangling in the vending machine


JooJooBee said...

I get it. Gently insert the money and let what falls, fall. If it doesn't, maybe that vending machine just wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to the cheddar bacon potato skins. Don't be means no. So you lost your least you got to push some buttons...that's always fun.

starheadboy said...

you put that into words so beautifully! I love it!