Monday, November 16, 2009

there are no urinal cakes in wilderness

One time I was driving down to the Oregon Coast with my girlfriend at the time.
We were driving in this super-heavily wooded area making our way to the Oregon border.

I had to take a piss.

We pulled over and I walked way out into the woods...
I kind of got lost in the walk and went pretty deep out into the unknown.

I was standing there pissing, completely lost in thought..
I looked over and there was a deer.

He was about 20 feet away and HE WAS PISSING TOO!
We were looking right at each other, enjoying the moment.
this deer and I connected on another level... it was beyond words.

It made my "top 10" list of all time best piss experiences


Russell said...

Good thing you weren't crossing streams! The universe could have unfolded...

Krystal A said...

what are the rest of the top ten?