Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pick out places to haunt

there was a conversation going on with some friends of mine
a couple days ago about the N1H1 virus..
whether it was more deadly to get sick from it,
or get the vaccination shot..

then things spun out of control
everyone was talking about death
this way or that.

and, who cares anyway...
death doesn't have to be all doom and gloom,
there are some advantages to being dead

like finding places to haunt

I'm already scoping out places that I want to haunt..
not your typical places..
graveyards, spooky houses, castles.. that's been done.

I want to haunt the candy isle of a 7-11.
somewhere fun like that.

a waterslide park or a rest stop.
I think you have to be prepared, just in case death comes calling.

haunt it up and have fun!

I'm gonna scare the shit out of some people

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