Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A couple days ago, I went to Arby's with my buddy Derek.
We got the five roast beef sandwiches for five dollars deal.

We each had one left over when we left, I put mine into the pocket of my hoodie.

A weird daydream passed through my head as we walked to my car.

Not that I would ever wish to be in a bad car wreck...
but, I was thinking

1. bad car wreck happens

2. paramedics show up, get the Jaws of life and have to drag me and Derek out of the mangled car.
(dramatic scene)

3. one of the paramedics notices the roast beef sandwich in my hoodie pocket, grabs it and eats it.. he skipped lunch that day.

I ran this situation past some people..
about half thought it was funny.


Krystal A said...

i thought it was funny


i also thought it was funny. oh, and, nothing tastes better than a sandwich that's been carried around in a pocket/purse all day.