Monday, November 23, 2009

road rage

get the urge to flip someone off in traffic?

don't do it..

give them a smile and a thumbs up.. it works so much better.
people expect to get flipped off.. don't give them what they want.

a smile and a thumbs up gets people instantly more pissed..

try it, it's fun!

thumbs up= in
flipping people off= out

(I was in West Seattle this weekend and I used the "thumbs up" a couple times in traffic... two older ladies drove away shaking their heads.. I caught up to them at a light and gave them a "have a nice day!" which made it even more entertaining)

1 comment:

Q said...

I smile and wave.

And now that I drive a ridiculous art car, if they don't smile and thumbs up (or better, horns) there is something fundamentally wrong with them and they can rot in road rage hell for all I care.