Wednesday, November 11, 2009

isolated pipe takes action

I woke up last Sunday to a weird kind of buzzing sound coming from the inside of the wall of my closet.
I put my ear up to the wall..

was it electricity?.. was it insects?

it was a pipe in the wall.
leaky pipe!

I think he was feeling too isolated in there behind the drywall.
he sprung a leak in an attempt to make a window to see out into the rest of the apartment

he got most of the way through the wall before I noticed..
I had to put a stop to it

my landlord ended up coming down and breaking a hole in the wall to fix the pipe..

so, as of now.. little pipe is a bit less isolated.. he can see out into the vast world of my apartment.

After getting patched up by my landlord, pipe agreed to quit leaking for awhile.

I still have a forcefield of towels around him.. just in case

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