Sunday, February 13, 2011

mutual respect

tonight, I walked up to my local 7-11 to get some beer..
I got a small bag of doritos too.

on my way home, a cat jumped out of the bushes
it started walking down the road parallel to me.
walking with me
those four legs going a million miles an hour

I stopped, got down low.. put a hand out
called out to this little, furry cutie-pie
it wasn't interested

I started walking again
the cat started walking again

I was talking to it while I was walking down the street
"you could have gotten some free pets right there"
the cat was not interested

then I realized... this cat didn't want to be pet
it just wanted to walk with me
we came to a mutual understanding
we can be friends without any of this petting business

it's kind of like how some people like to hug
and some people don't

that cat walked with me for three blocks
it just wanted to hang out
it didn't need any additional affection or attention
walking around with that cat was fun

cat (I don't know your name)
next time I see you

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