Monday, February 21, 2011

live paint at TRAX

a caravan of us headed to Lake Chelan this weekend
to paint at the Blending Room by WineGirl Wines
for the TRAX Festival

I had a blast painting with these kids before the event
out in front of the Blending Room
I painted them some pics and they painted me stuff too.
they left there razor scooters behind in the grass.
TNGLR and I rode the shit out of those scooters the next day.


Sara, Andrew, TNGLR, and I met a mallard duck
named Frank during a walk Saturday morning
Frank loves to fly, but he can't land for shit.
we watched him slam more than once
trying his best to get back on the ground smoothly
failed attempts

he also has a sweet man-cave at the bottom of the lake
and does everything he can to get away from his wife
and his multiple girlfriends
his wife was floating around on the lake squawking super loud
trying to get some attention from Frank

Frank's favorite joke
a duck walks into a pharmacy, walks up to a clerk and says
"give me some chapstick, put it on my bill"

*IFO activity on the drive up
(Identified Flying Objects)

*TNGLR and Mantisart epic Karaoke session at My Buddy's Place bar

*all around adventures with some incredible people, good times!

the artists:

Hera Won
Sara Denby
Sharon Wilfong

good times!

thank you Jon and Angela for everything!
what an amazing weekend

The Blending Room by WineGirl Wines is at
222 E Wapato Way
Manson, Washington

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