Monday, February 21, 2011

Autumn's starheadboy paintings

Autumn is one of the kids that I painted with this weekend

I set my painting stuff up outside the Blending Room
for WineGirl Wines during the day to get some work done

Mantisart and I were having a little art making session
out in the gorgeous sunshine. good times!
painting and drawing with a really good friend

these two kids, Daniel and Autumn
came by with their razor scooters
and asked if I would paint them

I drew a picture of them instead (super quick drawing)
they took off and went on some adventures down the street

they came back later and wanted to paint

it was super fun painting with them
they painted me some pics and I painted them some stuff

Autumn ended up painting some of my characters
I'm always super stoked when people do that
so, I had to get pics and put them up

good times!

painting and drawing with kids is the best
I have a feeling I'm going to be teaching
some kids art classes again real soon


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