Thursday, June 9, 2011

this year's newest #1 summer pastime

I was at the lake today and saw a guy really far out in the water
swimming laps

I came up with a set up for a situation like this
(entertainment purposes only)

#1 get a radio controlled motor boat

#2 get a corn dog and tie it to the front
(the corn dog can be substituted for other foodstuffs,
like a slice of pizza, a burrito or some delicious nachos)

#3 find someone in a lake swimming

#4 get that contraption into the water and out to your
swimming victim

#5 once the boat is in close proximity to your target,
engage a circle pattern around the swimmer..
make sure to keep the boat just out of reach

#6 sit back, relax, and laugh

#7 mission accomplished
pat yourself on the back

(I drew a harbor seal to substitute for a person,
I don't condone the teasing of sea life..
harbor seals are just really easy to draw compared to humans)


moodychuck said...

you might attract more swimmers if you floated a frosty pbr. im imagining it on a paddle-wheel type vessel...

starheadboy said...

definitely!! frosty PBRs!!! it'll be a magnet out there for the swimmers

starheadboy said...

I could attach a fishing line to a PBR and reel them in