Sunday, August 8, 2010

wake up

Today might have been the best wake up of my life.

At 7am, I was woken up by some weird commotion in my apartment, it was this weird wooshing sound that came right through. I was in a deep sleep and was startled awake by it. For a minute, I thought it was the Blue Angels flying around outside.. so, I tried to dismiss it. I could feel a presence in my apartment.. so, I did a quick look around. I checked everywhere.. especially my kitchen, that's where I heard noise the most.


I do keep one window open all the time, it's about two feet by two feet squared when it's open.. there was a possibility that a bird flew in and maybe flew back out. I've kept that window open almost every night for at least two years... and a bird flying in, that would be a first.

I tried to go back to sleep
(I went to bed at 3am and it was 7am, I can't handle that)
I started to hear weird sounds in the kitchen, I KNEW something was in there.

I went to investigate, I turned on the light... nothing..

Rounded the corner by my refrigerator and there he was...
a little sparrow.
He started chirping at me immediately and scared the Hell out of me.

I retreated back to my living room.. still in a half-awake reality..
thinking "how the fuck am I going to get this guy out of here?"

I opened up all my windows and grabbed a pillow
(I have no idea why I grabbed the pillow)
I went back into the kitchen and as soon as the little guy saw me, he flew past me.

He landed on a chain that connects to a lamp in my living room.. it's right next to a window..
He was on the verge of sweet freedom.. he just sat there and chirped

I kept telling him.. "just fly right out that window buddy"

He finally did it, then I immediately shut all the windows and got my ass back to bed.

Crazy little bird, he came in to visit.. and to shake things up a little.

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