Thursday, August 26, 2010

new starhead

I got woken up this morning to the sound of the guy across the street hacking up his hedges with something that sounded like a chainsaw...


music to my ears

thanks man


Frederick Swiftbird AKA Fresh Swift said...

Thanks man.


hey man IDK if you do this type of thing BUT i'm thinking I'd like you to make a Sidebar image for me blog... Like so: take an image 200px across and at LEAST 750px down,
and shamelessly self promote your flickr your blog and anything else. And if you'd do this all I ask is that you put down something like
"StarHeadBoy and FSwift...If ya don't know, know ya know"
or sooome corny or cool thing. I would love to have this on my blog, and but you know-I'm jus'offrin.

Peace Bro....
Has Pablo returned?

starheadboy said...

I just saw this today, I am definitely down to do that. Good times!!! I'll get it done soon!